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Hello world!

Welcome to The Quincy Post!

This is my first blog post!! I started this blog because I wanted something fun to do during quarantine.  We are in the middle of a really crazy time right now and everyone has to stay home so the Covid-19 virus will not spread too fast. The hospitals are overloaded in our country so it’s really important for all of us to stay home and stay healthy. We are just starting our 3rd week out of school and sports.  We can’t see friends, cousins, grandparents, or even neighbors. So anyway, I have some extra time and decided to start a blog to keep track of what I’m doing during this pandemic and also share some fun tips about things I love. I have always wanted to create a blog and this was the perfect excuse to start one! I am so excited to share ideas and inspiration with you!

So I’ll start with what I’m doing during Quarantine.  Last week I painted my room and this week I started creating this blog.  To start this off I’ll share some pics of my room re-design.  I had some of my friends come over a few weeks ago to start priming and painting (pre-social distancing).  I had no idea then that it would be the last time I would hang out with them for a really long time so I’m glad we got to make some great memories!  We had a blast! If you’re looking for a really fun project, highly recommend painting with your friends! It’s a perfect diy project because it’s easy and makes a big improvement. I love my new room! 

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