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Covid -19 Nick Cordero

Have you followed the story of Nick Cordero?  He’s a NYC Broadway actor with Covid-19.  I’ve been following his wife (Amanda Kloots) on Instagram and she gives updates on Nick.  He has been in a coma since April 1st and he has had a lot of ups and downs. Last week he had to have his leg amputated. Amanda is awesome. Somehow she stays really positive.  She loves dance and fitness and she asks all of her followers to dance for Nick everyday at 3 pm.  People all over the world dance to Nick’s song called “Live your Life”.  It’s fun to watch all the stories of people dancing and singing for Nick.  

Yesterday Amanda posted in her stories this:
She was getting asked by a lot of people how she has energy and motivation to dance and work out during this pandemic and Nick being in the hospital fighting for his life.  This is what she said:
“I feel so lucky to be able to get out of bed, to stand up on 2 feet…to walk…to run…to jump…to skip…to smile.  Do not take it for granted. Do not take it for granted. Do not take it for granted.  Use your body everyday.  Strengthen your body everyday.  It builds your immune system.  It helps your mental health and of course your physical health. Don’t take it for granted.  We are so lucky and right now especially I’m reminded of that.  Nick would love nothing more than to go outside for a walk in beautiful nature.  So do it for these people that can’t do it right now because you have the ability to.”

So we went for a walk in the woods! We are hoping that Nick wakes up soon and realizes that he’s become a rock star while he’s been in a coma.  He had a dream that people all around the world would sing his song and now they are.  <3

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