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What are we doing about Climate Change on a global level?

Countries that are making a difference with Climate Change

This list is just a glimpse about what some countries are doing to make a difference with climate change. As a planet, there is a need to come together across cultures and countries and do more. It’s good to see what is going on around the world but there is so much more that we could do across the world. There are a lot of changes focused on transportation and renewable energy but there is still not a great focus on what we can do to improve food waste and create a more sustainable food system. This is one area that we can all do more – on an individual level and also to make system changes that will move in the direction of betterment for people and the planet.


The Netherlands are reducing carbon dioxide emissions in line with European standards and has also worked to become all about biking and walking for transportation.


Luxembourg put 30.5 million euros toward the creation of charging stations around the country to support the transition to electric vehicles.


By 2050, Denmark plans to be carbon neutral, meaning that its emissions and absorption of carbon dioxide would be at zero.


Morocco is a country on the coast and that makes it highly threatened by rising sea levels and climate-related changes. Morocco has begun to shift from standard energy sources to renewables in the last few years, and plan to have 52% renewable energy use countrywide by 2030.


Like the other European Union members, Lithuania has implemented a 10-year National Energy and Climate Plan. The plan emphasizes the transition to electric transportation for cars and trains as well. This plan could reduce fuel consumption by 24%.


Due to its geography, Portugal is vulnerable to droughts and floods. In an effort to combat climate change and extreme weather, Portugal has made a big focus on renewable energy – such as solar and wind plants – which now account for 54% of energy generated.


France passed a climate change bill which included eliminating short domestic flights and limiting use of plastic packaging.


As the first country to put a carbon tax in place, Finland has always been a leader in climate change policy. Finland is more commitment than ever to green living now and has moved to wood-based materials for its construction needs.


Sweden has been a big leader for climate change policy for years. and is a major source of funding for the Green Climate Fund, which is the world’s largest climate fund and an integral component of the Paris Climate Accords.


China has a low performace rating when it comes to climate change, but there are plans to work on environmental issues that have been a big issue in its cities (such as air quality). President Xi Jinping has pledged to significantly increase the use of solar and wind energy by 2030.

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