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Vegan? Vegetarian? Planetarian?

Check out this site for great plant-based recipes and information on eating for the planet: Planetarian Life 

I am always getting asked if I am vegetarian or vegan – and no, I’m not either of those…I’m just all about making food choices that are good for the planet as much as possible. That’s why I love this new concept – Planetarian. It’s an inclusive definition – intentionally vague. It’s not about reducing meat and dairy consumption because it shouldn’t be about rules – but it’s just simply trying to make the best choices that are in line with a sustainable planet. There is no right or wrong and no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. (This is not a diet).

Planetarian Life is a website and online community founded by food writer Maggy Keet intended to help ease people into a more plant-rich diet. If you are interested in Planetarian recipes and life, you will find endless information and inspiration.

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