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Quarantine Diaries: Making NICE Cream with the VitaMix

I tried making NICE cream in the Vitamix today. It tasted amazing in the end but I had a few problems making it. First of all, I forgot to bring the tamper for the VitaMix along with all my supplies when we went to our lake cabin so I had to use other utensils instead. Not a good idea! The VitaMix chewed up and destroyed everything I tried. I broke a couple spatulas and large spoons…and then almost blew up the kitchen when I tried a wire whisk! It was SO scary! The ice cream was flying all over the kitchen and my mom had to help me take over operations from that point.

Once it was all blended up and finally done it tasted SOOOO good. Next time will be better because I’m starting to get a good idea about how it works. I definitely know what supplies are needed and how to make it work successfully. The main thing I learned is make sure to have all ingredients ready and don’t forget the tamper!

It’s good to let your frozen fruit sit out for 10-15 minutes before blending. If the fruit is rock hard it takes a long time and the VitaMix doesn’t blend it very well. If you thaw it out for just a little while before blending, it will turn into a smooth, creamy consistency much quicker.

My recipe:

4 frozen bananas

1 cup pineapple

1 cup frozen strawberries

Almond Milk (splash in as needed) – less needed for harder ice cream, more milk for creamy soft ice cream

Here’s my little bro Ollie helping make NICE cream

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